1) Playing with model sailboats is a great fun for kids in the Luxembourg Park, Paris.
2) You can make a PET bottle sailboat easily with an used soda bottle and 100 yen shop goods.
3) The ponds around Rokko Island Central Station are good for 風来坊セイリング fou-là-y-beau sailing; no radio control, free sailing.
4) The free race (no fee) of the PET bottle sailboats by kids gives you international friendship.

    Meet happy children!

P class rule (E class rule is not decided yet.)
1) mono hull, using 500ml PET soda bottle
2) Non deformity to the cap and the underwater shape of the hull. (*1)

Keel and Ballast
1) The length within 9cm, the height (including the ballast) within 10cm.
2) The weigh of the ballast within 100g. (*2)

1) The height within 30cm, Total foot length of the jib sail and the main sail within 26cm.
2) A sail in sales is not allowed.
3) A wing sail is only in the exhibition in 2015.

1) a flat or open deck of the width over 6cm.
2) a rudder of the height within 5cm, the length within 3cm

(*1) A hook or figure on the cap is allowed, and a little change for the attachment with glues is acceptable.
(*2) Light air is the dominant condition at Liner Canal, so the ballast of around 50 to 80 g probably gives a good response.


Try to make your sailboat with kids!   It runs to the wind. 

An example of the registration in English at Rokko Island Cup BBS

No. 11
name of the boat; PO9
owner; POwriter
nationality; Japan
free comment; It's my first boat of a flat deck and an attached sail.
Photo of your boat;
    The sail number is given in order of the registration. Please, confirm your sail number in right order. If not, correct your sail number.


For the main race in the Halloween Race, you need to send us an E-mail at

We must receive the E-mail by 10th Oct. 2015. 

E-mail must include the name of the boat, name of the captain (child, a nickname acceptable), name of parent, and nationality.


     In Halloween Race 2016, the procedure above is not applied 

Rokko Island Cup Halloween Race 2016

Date: Sunday 30 Oct. 2016 at 2 P.M. 

Place: Water Area 6 near by the Central Station

Yes, you are the representative of your country. Join us!


Rokko Island Cup Committee, a very small volunteer group, wishes this first event will be international.

We call your help, language aid, techinical issues, and caring something.

Mail to